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Cultural Stress® and How to Combat It


Ratna Das:
Cultural Stress® and How to Combat It

One of the three key facets of an Inclusive Health lifestyle is Feeling Better through strategies that help us to manage stress and maximize happiness. The stress we need to manage is not the acute stress of an exam or a car accident. The stress we need to focus on is a newly identified category of stress that runs amok in our modern day society: Cultural Stress. Cultural Stress, the constant and pervasive stress of everyday modern society, does more damage to us than we realize and is proving to be the sneakiest silent killer of all.

Tips to Reduce Daily StressCultural Stress is what you experience when you’re merging onto a congested freeway. It’s what grinds at you when you are running late or when you haven’t answered the twenty messages marked high-priority(!) that have been silently screaming at you from your inbox since yesterday. And despite your hyper-connections to others through modern technology, a part of you feels lonely and isolated.

This pervasive scenario has nothing to do with the heart-pounding stress reaction known as “fight or flight” that is key to the “survival of the fittest.” Cultural Stress is wearing and tearing us down daily in countless subtle ways with a big, and negative, cumulative impact. Are there solutions to combating this new stress? Certainly. An Inclusive Health lifestyle helps you manage Cultural Stress by giving you permission to say no. Life should be brought back into balance so you are doing less while getting more accomplished. Sounds like a tall order, but it won’t seem that way once you experience Inclusive Health working within your body.

Tips to combat Cultural Stress:

    Take care of your needs first
    Don’t let others set your priorities
    Just say no when you need to
    Give yourself permission to set limits
    Book some “me time”

What are you doing to combat Cultural Stress?


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