Author Topic: Self Confidence: A Magical Way of Being Successful in Life.  (Read 546 times)

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Self Confidence: A Magical Way of Being Successful in Life.
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:02:18 AM »
Nothing seems to be impossible for human being. As we are best creation of Almighty Allah, we can make things possible that are thought to be impossible apparently. And this a general belief what we call "Confidence". It is confidence or self confidence that gives us hope to go ahead. To be successful in life and to to live in this beautiful world more and more. In fact it is the magical power of life. The person who has self-confidence is sure to succeed in life. Any impossible thing can be possible when he/she has confidence. And that is what I want to say, why can't we remember the historical conquest of Mount Everest or landing on the moon? Don't give us courage or hope? Of course. These courage or confidence are to be reflected on every sphere of life to be succeed. Actually, the mystery behind all these efforts is nothing but having self-confidence. Here let me recall the words said by many intellectuals-

The great minds :
"The first step to be famous in life is to have confidence". - Walt whitman.
"Firm confidence, ceaseless effort and struggle for life- all these are the weapon of human being". - Allama Iqbal.
"Confidence leads a man to go ahead". - Virgil.
"Don't consider yourself weaker than others". - John Kipling.
"Real achievement can't be exposed where confidence lacks". - Theodore Moor.
"Always hope for the best but be ready to accept the worst". - An English saying.
"The other name of losing self confidence is lessing your age". - Aristotle.
"Having confidence on yourself and on God is the way to be great in life". - Robert Frost.
"In this world don't rely upon anybody but rely upon your own hands and legs". - Shakespear.

Therefore, from my point of view "There is no alternation of confidence in life to go ahead". Because of this "Man is the architect of his own fate". And to make our fate we must have confidence. Moreover, there will be many obstacles, many barriers. But nothing to be worried about it. All these problems are to be overcome with firm confidence. So we should have confidence in every sphere of life and remember the maxim :

                                "Nothing seems to be impossible for human being"
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