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7 Habits For Successful Job Hunting
« on: December 01, 2013, 12:22:08 AM »
7 Habits For Successful Job Hunting
By James Mako

If you are looking for a new job then it is important that you manage your time effectively. The reality is that the job market is a very competitive out there and to get the job you want you have to work at it. There are a number of habits that you should acquire to improve your chances of getting the job you always wanted.

1) Making contacts: Getting the job that you want will depend on the number of contacts you make. It really is a numbers game. The more contacts the better chances you will have of landing that job. Every week set yourself the target of making 30 to 40 contacts per week.

2) Persistence: You need to keep going and never stop searching until you get that job. Plan your week out by doing a mixture of following up your leads and finding new ones. Do not stop until you have a confirmed job offer in your hand.

3) Do your research: If you have an interest in a particular industry or company then thoroughly research it. Learn everything you can about it. If you are better informed and have plenty of knowledge this will help you during the interview and give you a running start when you get the job.

4) Follow up: Do not think that sending out your CV is enough. Most employers are very busy therefore, follow up after you send out your CV. State this is in the cover letter you send with the CV. Keep on top of your contact job leads by phoning them up on a regular basis in order to keep your finger on the pulse.

5) Get organised: Set up a system that includes schedules of when you contact your job leads, send out your CVs and cover letters and when you research for new job leads. Write this entire schedule down in a spreadsheet or print out and record all the contact details of your leads.

6) Take a break: Although you have to work hard at this you will need a break to have some recovery time. Schedule in some me time. This could be at the weekend where you can slow down or take a day off and do something that is fun and interesting.

7) Stay fit: People who are in better shape health wise have a better chance of getting a job quicker compared to people who are unfit and overweight. Doing regular exercise will give you more energy and you will feel more positive about yourself.

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