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How to register in BSDI Forum


Md. Aminul Islam:
How to register in BSDI forum
1.   Open a browser (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome , etc.)
2.   Write forum URL in the browser address bar ( and hit the enter button then BSDI forum will appear on the screen like below image.

3.   Click on the register menu. Enter username, email, password and CAPTCHA ( give one word username because every time you need to use it  while login)

4.   Finally, click on register button.
5.   Wait until your account approval from the forum administrator.
6.   You can also mail to for quick approval.
7.   An email approval will send  your given email.

Milan Chandra dey:
Dear Mr. Aminul,
Thank you for your valuable tricks that I am implementing now


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