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Tips on Starting a Fashion Design Business
« on: April 05, 2015, 03:38:33 PM »
First and foremost, if you are thinking about starting your own fashion line, opening a boutique, launching an e-commerce site, or becoming an apparel wholesaler you must be into fashion and have a passion for not only designing apparel but being a businessperson. You canít be successful without a mix of both passions, they will compliment each other. :)
In addition, all successful fashion lines have a few of these things in common: competitive prices, a great selection of clothes and accessories, attractive marketing, or a niche. They must also have a catchy name, brand, or tag line. :-\
Top Questions to ask Yourself before you Begin

As you begin your new business you should be able to answer a few initial questions:
What type of clothing line you want to create?
Who is your target client base?
Where are you going to sell your line?
How are you going to promote your line?
How are you going to create product?
Where are you going to get your fabric and accessories?
How will you distribute your inventory?
Where are you going to keep your inventory; either fabric or finished garments?
Is your focus for selling your fashion line going to be wholesale or retail?
Will you have your own workspace or will you hire a workroom?
How much money do you have to start your business? How will you start funding this business? Where is the money coming from?
What type of business will you have? Sole Proprietor? Partnership? LLC?
Do you know how to create a legal business and apply for all the correct business licenses and permits?
Do you know how to trademark and copy write your creations, logos, and brands?
Where will you locate your business? How is the competition in your area or apparel focus? Should you re-locate to a less competitive market?
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