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How to Get Away From Caffeine Addiction
« on: April 27, 2015, 03:52:46 PM »

If you are enjoying your morning drink containing caffeine, its time to shift to other alternatives before it is too late. Caffeine addiction begins as a result of following causes.

-In the work place it is a routine habit to serve caffeinated drinks to clients, employees etc. Also some people think that repeated intake may help them to be alert while working.

-At home it is common for people to start their day with a cup of caffeine drink. In addition when relatives drop in unexpectedly we take the drink to give company. Thus we consume more drinks in an effort to please others.

-The children are good observers and imitate elders by consuming the beverage.

The caffeine addiction can be efficiently dealt in regards with its prevention and recovery by following certain steps

1.Sudden withdrawal from caffeinated drinks is usually not advisable for people who are addicted for a considerable length of time. Such individuals should resort to gradual tapering from addiction under the supervision of both physician and psychiatrist. The role of psychiatrist is important because a person who is neck deep into addiction finds it difficult to tolerate the withdrawal symptoms and prefers to go back to addiction.

2.Certain children and persons who are not addicted to an extent of producing serious withdrawal symptom can gradually taper their intake. Simultaneously they should add healthy drinks to their schedule so that addiction can be easily over come.

3.Tyrosine, an amino acid is helpful in reducing the craving for caffeine. It helps to increase the level of neurotransmitter dopamine which is involved in addiction and pleasure.

4.Say no to caffeinated drinks at work place, home, parties, cafes and meeting spots.

5.Peer pressure and meetings with friends at cafes is an issue which has to be dealt with lot of cautious. Declining the offer for drinks from colleagues and friends is a sensitive issue. The best way to prevent such embarrassing situation in the initial stage of abstinence from the drinks is by avoiding such meetings. The outings can be resumed later on when you have gained confidence that nothing can divert you from the resolution of 'no drinking'.

6. Some people cultivate the habit of drinking caffeine thinking that it relieves them of constipation or keeps them away from certain illness. But this is all a myth and has nothing to do with caffeine. Avoiding caffeine by itself may help you in staying away from certain illness.

Learn to use health drinks like herbal tea, juices and find yourself full of energy at the end of the day.

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