Author Topic: Alumni Associations: The Importance of Being a Member  (Read 1296 times)


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Alumni Associations: The Importance of Being a Member
« on: April 27, 2015, 03:56:41 PM »

Modern life is developing at a very high speed. In fact, people live at a very high speed. They meet numerous people every day; of course, they leave behind many old acquaintances. Is it correct? Why are people here, in this world? Do people have to move on only? No! It is extremely important to remember old friends and people from your past. Is it possible? Yes! Alumni associations will help you to remember. How can they do it? 1. Alumni associations keep contact and some personal information about their members. So, they know where former students are and can send invitation to various activities. 2. Alumni associations arrange various meetings, gatherings, interesting trips, concerts, charity balls, fairs, and other activities where alumni can meet each other. During such activities people usually find their old friends and resume their friendship. 3. Finally, alumni associations always announce former students' achievements. These organizations also have official sites where they post different information which can be interesting for alumni. Thus, alumni associations fulfill their first and foremost aim: to connect people who were once connected by the university. How to become a member of such glorious organization? Well, you need to be a student of one of the western universities (at the moment there are several universities in the east which have their alumni associations). Sometimes you will also have to pay some money for some activities, it depends on each university. Some people think that money should not be "wasted" on such membership. However, you should think that some insignificant sum of money can give you a chance to have a ticket to the wonderful academic world where so many remarkable and outstanding people live. Do not waste your brilliant chance to become a part of something bigger.

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