Author Topic: Aspects of Personal Development, and Career Growth  (Read 944 times)


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Aspects of Personal Development, and Career Growth
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The process of self-development generally entails the principles of knowledge expansion, personal growth, mental training, and communication techniques improvement etc. These aspects presuppose the personal development which is useful for career growth and qualification improvement. The central aspects of personal development are as follows:

1. Improving self-awareness. This presupposes the studying of the organism capabilities and the abilities of mind. This will help to improve the mental work, required for creative working, for solving non-standard tasks and stress resistance.

2. Improving self-knowledge. This is required for balanced combination of stresses and relaxations, as self-knowledge presupposes knowing the edge of over-tension, in order to stop overloading brain and body, and start recovering the required resources.

3. Building or renewing identity. Everyone needs self-improvement, which starts from improving identity, as a person needs to change his or her thoughts on the matters of his or her life and existence in general. Hence, the improvement of working performance will be more effective, and based on the principles of psychological self-improvement.

4. Developing strengths or talents. Improvement of talents requires constant repetition of the processes, which require any particular talents. "Jump by jumping" principle should be implemented, as one can learn to play football only by playing it.

5. Identifying or improving potential. Skills and abilities should be discovered and improved. This is generally performed by improving self-discipline, which is the key aspect of self-development in general.

Importance of self-discipline

The required aspects of the self-development and career growth require sufficient self-discipline level. In fact, this is required for constant work at improving and developing skills, and studying the opportunities that mind and body are able to offer. Hence, the key principles of self-development are covered by the principles of self-responsibility and the strong motivation to grow and improve.

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