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Google AdSense advertising can be compared to pay-per-click advertising with the advantage that you receive the revenue generated by the ads that you have set up on your website. You can make good money with AdSense by implementing these three tips.

1. Select the large rectangular AdSense ad which gives a nice display space. Place the rectangle at top of your page. Focus on using just this one format which seems to result in a high click through rate. The large rectangle gives a familiar appearance to your page ads which makes it seem normal to click on.

2. You also want your ad display to blend with your site. Select a color that complements or matches the color scheme of your site. Matching the overall look of the AdSense rectangle space seamlessly blend with the rest of your site. This is another way that makes your visitors feel comfortable with clicking on an ad.

3. This is the your focus. The way to bring in large AdSense paydays is to generate massive traffic to keyword rich posts on you site. When selecting the focus of a post, you need to use keywords that are valuable. For instance, if your search for a keyword using Google keyword external tool, you want to select keywords with high monthly volume and high cost per click. That way you know your keyword is valuable because advertisers are paying a lot of money to Google to get ranked for it. These keywords will give you a higher per click value from your site.

The tips have produced great results, and the more specific you can make you page, the greater results you'll be able to product. Obviously, your visitors are there because they are interested in your topic, so give them the opportunity to find answers through your AdSense ads.

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