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Visiting your dentist regularly does a lot more than just guarantee you a healthy smile.Emergency dentist Eppingwill tell you a lot more about your general health as well like ruling out diabetes. Research suggests that a person's oral health is a reflection of their general health. What this means is that a healthy mouth indicates a healthy person. On the other hand, those with poor oral health often have other health issues as well.

Studies show that people who maintain good oral health are protected against several infectious diseases. For example, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, a relationship exists between diseases of the gums and those of the heart. As for those women who have gum disease, they are susceptible to giving birth to babies who are underweight. Many researches reveal that a large number of diseases that affect the body, actually emanate from the mouth. Diseases of the mouth include ulcers, swollen gums, dental cavities, and several other complications. Systemic problems that can arise include diseases of the heart, kidney, and diabetes. Oral lesions can turn into an oral cancer. For those who return for regular dental checkups, their dentist gets a good opportunity to detect a health problem when it is in its initial stages.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to complications and problems

Those who do not take care of their gums and teeth and have poor oral hygiene may eventually face other health complications. A common complaint is facial and oral pain. This pain is brought about largely by gum infections. Gum infection and inflammation is called gingivitis. Gums support the teeth and diseases affecting them can causetooth loss. Gingivitis affects millions of people worldwide. Infections in the mouth canlead to heart problems; other organs can also be affected. Involvement of the heart is known as bacterial endocarditis. This condition frequently attacks heart valves and any damaged tissues in the heart. Another body function that poor dental health can adversely affect is digestion. The digestive process starts in the oral cavity both at a physical and chemical level.Oral problems can underlie digestive disorders and even irritable bowel syndrome.

What should we do to safeguard ourselves?

To ensure that your oral health is top-notch, see your dentist on a regular basis. This also allows your dentist to keep an eye out for any potential health-related issues. Dental examinations assist in pointing out any problems with overall dental hygiene or any specific issue.Problems that can be identified include improper alignment of teeth or something wrong with jaw development. Provide your dentist with any details that are required about your medical history and keep them abreast of any new developments that occur. Whether they relate to your oral health or general health, just ensure that you keep your dentist Sydney in the loop about any updates to your medical history.

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