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Blog portals are the best innovation in the publishing platform.Online portals which publish posts/articles on diverse topics are springing up in huge number and this phenomenal growth incites every blogger to give the best content and design. A blog design withuncluttered contents and easy interface that meets the needs of your readers is what it takes to make your online blog portal appealing

WordPress is the most popular CMS used by most bloggers as their blogging platform due to its layout flexibility and capability to moderate and control the post in a single dashboard. One can even choose to extend the functionalities of the web blog with the help of powerful and affordable extensions from the WordPress extensions community.  The reason I insist on using extensions is that I recently added a new extension to my Wordpress blog which is simply awesome.

Is Mashable your favorite portal..? If so, I am sure you must have noticed the tiny pop-up window popping out at the bottom-right of any post while reading, suggesting the related article with a hyperlink title. It is indeed a great feature to engage the readers. A best way to keep the blog portal ahead. I came across a readymade WordPress Article Plugin which I have installed in my blog:Article Recommendation Plugin. This enables the similar feature in my Wordpress portal/blog. This extension allows the blog owners to show a pop-up window which reads "Read Next", suggesting the readers about the related posts available or go to the next post (whichever set in admin). The Recommender System pops up in a pleasing way at bottom right of the blog page, showing the next available article posts to be read.

The pop-up can be set to display at the top-right/bottom-left/bottom-right, show a thumb image for the pop-up, display article title and a Meta description about the content of the related article, and link the title with the respective article page, so that by clicking on the pop-up title, the reader will be directly taken to the recommended article page. This helps the user to avoid spending time in reloading and searching for related article or hit the back button for next post. The recommender systems pop-up window shows a Facebook and Twitter like, thus optimized to gain more exposure and strong presence in the social media world.

Another admiring feature of the extension is its easy-to-use back-end feature. It is easy to install and configure with very minimal settings. The extension is completely customizable, making it flexible for the blog owners to enhance the recommend pop-up feature in the future, after knowing the target audience expectations. The best fact I love about this is its affordable price and great technical support. This is certainly a must-have extension for the WordPress bloggers.

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