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Importance Of Internship In MBA
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A student spends his whole school life mugging up the chapters, theories and lessons of different levels in different classes. They are ought to learn each and every thing by heart, and the same is tested in the exams conducted by schools and institutions. These institutes from the very beginning are following the traditional formats of teaching and conduction exams. This approach is mainly found in the Indian schools and colleges, which are instilled with the powers of making the students, mug all their teachings, all the foreign institutions and universities, give more importance to practical training.

Though theoretical learning is necessary and a must for the students to learn the basics of the study processes, practical knowledge of the subject is an aspect, which is must to be covered by all the students in their respective fields. Such practical trainings are very important to be covered in the academic syllabus of the students to give them an in- depth knowledge of their subjects. Many schools are adopting this new culture of practical training as a part of their school curriculum, to make their students aware of the practical side of their studies.

These training sessions have not only be opted by students in the schools, but many graduations and post graduation schools have training and internship periods assigned as a part of their course structure. Many courses like, engineering, medicine, mass communications, aviation, tourism are the industries, whose colleges have contracts with major players of the respective industries, and as a result of which they allow students to work in their organisations, as an intern or trainee.

One of such educational courses is MBA, in which practical training is supposed to be the most crucial and important part of the course duration. Students do a lot of hard work to earn MBA internships in large group and companies, with their focus mainly on the multi nationals. Many of the students also prefer doing internships from the foreign companies, to get more detailed and enlarging their arena of technical and practical knowledge.

Looking at the importance and the demand of the MBA internship programs, companies themselves have started internship programs for students, wherein they can directly apply during their certified duration for internship. Some of the organisations facilitating students for their MBA internships, all over the world, are:

v     Toyota Intern Program

v     Sony Global Internships

v     Sun Internship Programs

v     Verizon College Intern Program

v     DOL MBA Internship Program

v     PARC MBA Internship Program

v     Progressive MBA Internship

v     Wal- Mart MBA Internship Program

v     The Hartford MBA Intern Program

A student is advised to learn most during his internship period, as that is the time, when he gets bared from all mistakes, because he is said to be in his learning process, and the major sign to prove that a person is learning, is that he makes lots mistakes and asks number of questions from his seniors. Following are the benefits of doing MBA internship or training in any other program:

v     A student gets the practical knowledge of the filed he into.

v     Get to know the market standards and requirements

v     A student, as an intern gets the biggest opportunity of his life, to  learn the intricacies of the various subjects and choose, which specialised field of his industry suits him well, and wants to choose it as his career field.

v     If the student is associated with large firms or companies, then the internship experience adds great value to his resume, which in future is of great help to pursue his career in th filed of his choice

v     Training in MBA is loaded with lots of assignments and projects, making the student more tough and allowing him to learn the in- depth procedures of the industry.

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