Author Topic: How to Make the Image Become Vector by Using Live Trace in Adobe Illustrator  (Read 571 times)


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Adobe Illustrator, the most popular software of creating vector, has a distinguished feature to make the raster become the vector. Live trace is easy and flexible feature to convert the simply photo to vector.

I use Adobe Illustrator to make the vector design such as making logo, printing job, advertising etc. Since Adobe had put this feature to Illustrator I found that it so easy to make my design is better. Some designers may know the "Live Trace" is like "Coral Trace" in Coral Draw, and I think adobe know well what is useful for users, so they add this function to Adobe Illustrator immediately. Even the initial version is not perfect at all, I found that they still try to improve this feature constantly. This tutorial is a quite basic of use Live Trace feature but you need to learn some part by adjust the parameter by yourself However, to use live trace, you should have high quality object (raster) because it would give you the better result when you convert it. 1. Choose the original photo File > Place (This is should be good quality of original raster like jpeg, gif or png.) 2. It will show your original graphic on the document size 3. Look for small drop down arrow between Live Trace and Mask square button then choose Tracing Options (in the bottom). Or go to Object> Live Trace>Tracing Options 4. There are many options you can test the result by click the checkbox "Preview" then choose OK or change them until you are satisfy. 5. To confirm your result let choose Expand or Live Paint. (You can use whichever) I found both options are not different(actually I don't know how different they are). All options should be 1) Adjustments Preset = Default Mode = Black and White (Color or Grayscale) I should "Black and White because I will add the color by myself. Threshold = 128 (this is not the standard parameter, please try to adjust by yourself) Palette = Automatic Max Colors = Color you what to add in the graphic (It won't show if you choose Black and white mode) Output to Swatches = This will attach the swatches (color) of this graphic as well Blur = I choose 0px Resample = Don't need to check 2) Trace Settings Fills = Checked Stroke = No Checked Max Stroke Weight = It's disable if you choose "Black and White" mode Min Stroke Length = Same of above result Path Fitting = 2px Minimum Area = 10px Corner Angle = 20 Ignore White = No checked 3) View Raster = No image Vector = Tracing Result Then test by check "Preview" to see the result. 6. Click OK. Then let's see the result. As I told you I used black and white because I want to add the color by myself that you can Live Trace in the color mode automatically.

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